Safety & Benefits

Sacagawea Safety and Environmental Assurance

Sacagawea Pipeline Company, LLC use only high-quality materials and best practice techniques to ensure the integrity of our pipelines.

The most important component of our safety and maintenance programs is our people. Oil control operators and pipeline safety maintenance personnel are regularly re-certified to ensure they remain on the leading edge of pipeline operations, maintenance and leak detection.

The Crossing

  • HDD Intersect method is the most environmentally safe mode of crossing
  • Pipe is minimum of 100’ below the river bottom
  • Thicker pipe is used with special protective coatings


  • Paradigm’s Operating Partner has 50+ years experience and operates pipelines throughout the US
  • 24-hour remote and local pressure monitoring
  • Local patrol and contact
  • Emergency response training & procedures in place
  • Cathodic protection measures to prevent corrosion

Leak Detection

  • Real-time remote monitoring for leak detection
  • Shut off valves on both sides of crossing, controlled remotely or locally
  • Automatic shut-off of flow if leak detected
  • 24/7 Monitoring

Regular Pigging of Pipeline

  • Confirms internal integrity of pipe
  • Cleans and maintains pipelines
  • Inspects for pitting or corrosion


  • Use of thicker wall pipe, with special protective coating
  • Low angle and flat crossing across the river means less stress on pipes

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