Safety & Benefits

Benefits to the Local Community


The Sacagawea Pipeline Company will work with the local Fort Berthold Reservation community to build an energy infrastructure on the Reservation, and to protect and maximize the value of their natural resources to the benefit of community members.

Local Benefits

  • The Sacagawea Pipeline Company is committed to being a good neighbor and to building and maintaining positive relationships in the communities where we operate
    • Reducing the impact that pipeline installations have on the environment and the community is of the utmost importance at Sacagawea Pipeline Company
  • The Sacagawea Pipeline is a critical infrastructure project for strengthening the environmental standards for constructing pipeline crossings in North Dakota
    • HDD method of crossing will be used instead of other techniques to provide less disruption, minimal impact to the local community and above all, environmental safety
  • The Sacagawea Pipeline will contribute significant tax revenue to local and state governments in North Dakota
    • The tax revenues received from the Sacagawea Pipeline Project will contribute to the support and construction of county and state funded infrastructure projects like roads, bridges, hospitals, local programs and facilities
  • The Sacagawea Project promotes accountability and responsible operating practices
    • Minimizing the environmental impact on the surrounding area, Horizontal Directional Drilling is best suited to applications where traditional trenching or excavating is either not practical, environmentally responsible or otherwise impossible

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