The Sacagawea Project

The Sacagawea Pipeline Project

project-mapClick map for larger image.Sacagawea Pipeline Company, LLC, is a joint venture between Paradigm Energy Partners, LLC and Phillips 66 Partners, LP, and Grey Wolf Midstream, LLC.

Sacagawea Pipeline project is being developed to deliver crude oil from various points south of Lake Sacagawea in and around the area commonly referred to as “Johnson’s Corner” and Keene, in McKenzie County, North Dakota (“ND”), to destinations with takeaway options for both rail and pipe in Palermo and Stanley, ND.

The Sacagawea Pipeline will transport crude oil from Paradigm’s Central Delivery Point (“CDP”) and Johnson’s Corner to areas approximately 91 miles northeast, including a rail terminal currently under development by Phillips 66 located near Palermo, ND (“Palermo Rail Terminal”), and to pipeline takeaway located in Stanley, ND.

The primary benefits of the Sacagawea Pipeline are takeaway capacity and connectivity, providing shipper’s flow assurance, optionality, and multi-market access to takeaway locations. The Palermo and Stanley destinations will provide the flexibility to deliver volumes at the shipper’s option to the Palermo Rail Facility as well as the Stanley Terminal.

The Sacagawea pipeline will cross the Lake Sacagawea at one of its narrowest points, located several miles south of the Four Bears Memorial Bridge near New Town, ND using the HDD method of crossing. HDD boring is used when trenching or excavating is not practical, or environmentally responsible.

Unlike previous crossings, which trenched pipes only 4’-5’ below the river bottom, the Sacagawea Pipeline crossing keeps the pipe a minimum of 100’ below the river. The main objectives in determining the location as well as choosing the HDD method over traditional trenching methods, were to insure that the installation of such services avoid any unnecessary environmental impact and provide added security to the local community on the Fort Berthold Reservation.

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