Historical Reference

Existing Pipelines Crossing Lake Sacagawea

Dating From 1930, 11 Existing Pipeline Crossings Upstream of Reservation

  • 1930 – Montana – Dakota Power installed natural gas pipeline on Lewis and Clark Bridge
  • 1952 – Tesoro’s 8” crude line was laid along the bottom of the lake
  • 1956 – 3 additional 8” pipelines now owned by Hess laid along the bottom of the lake
  • 1960 – Cenex installed a gasoline pipeline across the Four Bears Bridge
  • 1961 – Raw gas pipeline now owned by Hess installed along bottom of lakeother 2
  • 1981 – Hess installed 3 more 8” natural gas pipelines were trenched into bottom of lake near Trenton, ND
  • 1992 – Hess installed pipeline to transport natural gas from Tioga to Watford City
  • 1999 – Enbridge purchased Hess Line near Trenton, and converted to crude line. Oneok now owns other two.
  • 2010 – Hess converted existing 8” to crude line. Connects McKenzie county to Ramberg. 40K BOD capacity.
  • 2010 – Proposed Bakkenlink line would use trench method installation. Up to 100k BOD capacity.

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Eastern Pipeline Corridor – 6 CrossingsEastern Pipeline Corridor Western Pipeline Corridor – 3 Crossings Pipeline Map

Southern Pipeline Corridor – 2 CrossingsSouthern Pipeline Corridor

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